7 Tips to Taking Care of Your Commercial Washing Machine

New commercial washing machines are expensive to buy. You should take good care of the one you have to prevent having to buy a new one. Everything that’d help you maintain and take care of it is discussed below. Read ahead.

Keep the Exterior Clean

You should keep the outside of the machine clean. You’d not only improve the overall look of the washer, but you’d prevent dust, debris, and lint from getting inside of it too.

Regular cleaning would let you get rid of any leftover detergent that may be on its exterior. If left unattended, it could corrode

Check its Seal

If the seal on the washer is compromised, water would leak. Look at the device’s doors. There should be no residue build-up.  You can tell if its seal is compromised or not by placing a dollar bill between the door and pulling it. If you can easily slip it out, the seal is compromised.

Soap Dispensers

Don’t just get rid of any soap and detergent that is on the machine’s exterior, but tend tothe soap dispenser too. Soap can quickly gum up inside and cause corrosion. You’d completely have to replace the dispenser if there is bad corrosive damage.

Read the Manual

Yes, this is a basic suggestion. However, you should read the washer’s manual. It would have important information on how you can take care of the unit, as well as the specific supplies you should use for cleaning. It’d tell you how often cleaning would need to be done as well. Take your time and read through the guide.

Going through the machine’s owner manual before you purchase it would let you know if it’d be worth the price or not.

Expert Help

Probably the best suggestion in this article would be to get an expert to regularly check your washer. They’d be a professional, so they’d know if there are any issues you need to take care of. Getting any issues fixed now would prevent them from becoming a huge problem and you paying a lot later.

Hire someone skilled. The inspection won’t be that thorough otherwise. If you own a laundromat, you’d need a team that offers speedy commercial washing machine repairs and inspections. You can’t have one less washer when a lot of customers are coming in.

Keep the Doors Open

When the washing machine is not in use, you should open its doors. Air would circulate inside and dry its interior.  The longer the doors are kept open the better.

Check Inlets

Check the inlet and hoses regularly. A lot of debris can build up in the hoses. Tiny leaks can form too. If there are gaps that are causing leaks, water would be wasted, so you’d get higher water bills.

Let’s summarize. There is quite a bit of way you can keep your washer in excellent condition. Carefully go through its owner manual. Also, regularly get a professional to do check-ups. They’d help you sort any issues before they get serious.

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