Choosing a Concrete Paint for Your Project

Concrete is a building material that has been used for so many years and it is still being used today because of its strength, durability and ease of use. With advancements in materials and resources, certain paints have been developed that can be used on concrete. If you are interested in using paint for your concrete floor or any surface, there are certain things you need to consider.

The first thing you need to do is to check whether you are using the right type of paint. Colour Systems provide a full range of colour pigments for concrete that you can browse. You need to select a type of paint that can be used on the surface effectively. You can ask the supplier whether the paint can be used on cement surfaces as well. Generally, they can be used but it depends on the manufacturer. Painting concrete can bring an old and dull surface into a new light and give it a little liveliness and drama. Instead of being a dull floor, you can transform it to a focal point that draws the eye by creating an interesting pattern or colour. You can highlight certain elements like stairs and create a unique visual element.

You don’t always need professional help when painting a concrete floor. The instructions are quite simple and anybody can try it once they understand the steps to follow. Also, it is a cost-effective way of updating an old floor. You will be able to get good coverage from the paint so that cracks and imperfections are not highlighted. In addition to concrete paint, there are acid based stains that can be used as well. These stains will go deeper into the concrete and give coverage that will last a long time. But because concrete is a material that is not very uniform, it will be difficult to get uniform coverage. This is the benefit of going for concrete paints as they will fill up any pores on the surface. So the paint will look uniformly saturated. Depending on how much foot traffic is there, you will need to touch up the paint now and then to maintain its appearance.

You need to look at the colours that you already have in the location to see whether you are going for a neutral colour that will match the context or go for a unique colour that will be contrasting. Both are two different design considerations. You can also have a combination of neutral and bright colours for a more balanced appearance. But you need to balance the colours of the floor with the context so that neither looks washed out. Make sure that you visit the supplier to get a physical sample of the swatch because the actual colour will look slightly different from what you see on the computer screen. You need to look at the texture and finish of the concrete as well when considering paint. Textured floor finishes are best for outdoor areas for safety reasons while smooth floors are good for indoor flooring finishes.

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