Decorate Small Living Rooms with Style

There are many living room decorating ideas which you can choose from. But sometimes, you can use those designs and decorating tips because your living room has only a small space. Have you ever wondered how to decorate small spaces without having to change it too much? Here are some solutions for small living room decorating problems.

Small Scale Furniture

The first thing you should remember when buying furniture for a small living room is to not buy larger pieces that can obstruct the door ways and windows or take up too much pace in the room. You can still make your space look trendy without having to use bulky sofas and chairs. Try checking in a few stores or online stores for smaller furniture that can actually fit inside your living room. If you want to look into different style and design options look at all the types here and check out for more before investing in them. You can also try choosing furniture with bui9lt in storage to save more space.

Colours and Wallpaper

The best way to make sure your space does not look too stuffed and claustrophobic is to make sure it’s not dark and cluttered. This can be avoided to a great deal if you choose lighter colours on your wall. White walls or white wallpaper with only subtle designs in it can help you create this look. Try adding mirrors to certain points in the room as they can help to create the illusion of a larger space and disperse light across the room without making any corner look gloomy.

Add Lights

Make sure your room gets enough lights. Adequate lights are another way to get rid of the feeling of small space. Use light coloured curtains for your windows – sheer materials for better effect – so that you can get the maximum use of natural lights during daytime. Add lights at the right places in the room. Using multipurpose pieces such as table combo lamp is also a good way of saving your space. The key to lighting up a small room is to ensure that the room does not stay dark at any time of the day as darker spaces only tend to look smaller.

Use Right Decoration

You can personalize your living room by adding decoration pieces on walls, on the shelves or on floor. Adding a piece of art or a photograph on wall, ornamental pieces on shelves or flower vases are good ideas but for a small space you might have to change your decoration style. Do not fill up the room, with too many wall art. One or two of the pieces or even one statement piece that will be the focal point for anyone entering the room will be enough to give the room a trendy look. Adding too many shelves to store various ornaments or souvenirs will also not work for smaller spaces. Instead try using plants in your corners to add depth to the room’s layout.

A small space might be a challenge to decorate and maintain but with rightly placed pieces and the perfect colours you can make it look comfortable, spacey and cosy.   

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