Essential Considerations When Setting Up a Construction Site

Setting up for a new construction project can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Necessary permission for the construction site should be taken with proper documentation before ensuring the health and safety of those on-site. To ensure the successful completion of a quality project, here are some priorities to consider when setting up a construction site:

Investigate the site and establish a boundary

Once you have received permission and approval to begin construction, do not start right away. Instead, take time to assess the site and for amenities like water and electricity which are required during construction. By taking these into consideration, set up boundaries for the site using barrier meshes, steel posts or any other method. It is important to establish a boundary prevent unauthorized access and protect the public.

Planning work schedules while adhering to health and safety rules

After setting up the boundary, take time to assess potential hazards and risks at the construction site such as electric cables and deep wells. Review key tasks and procedures and plan work schedules while documenting methods to manage the risks. Put up necessary signs for workers to follow so they can conform to necessary health and safety guidelines and prevent any avoidable injuries. Keep a first aid kit on-site to ensure injuries are taken care of swiftly as well.

Test the soil

In order to ensure no instabilities in constructions on site, make sure to get the soil tested at various spots on site. Hiring an environmental engineer is useful for this as they will be able to tell you if the soil is contaminated and could cause problems during excavation and pouring of concrete.

Organize site facilities

Most construction projects will involve a lot of manual labour so it is important that you provide workers with necessary facilities such as an office, storage areas and a kitchen. You could obtain a construction site toilet block hire to install some portable toilets at various areas of the construction site. Make sure to frequently restock necessary products such as stationery, toilet paper, hand cleansers, coffee, tea, cups and more.

Organize your paper work and documentation

In order for relevant industry regulators inspection of the site to go smoothly, make sure you organize all necessary documents such as the construction phase plan, survey reports, contract documents, and a detailed health and safety report. There may be other permits required as well if your construction involves working at height or in confined spaces.

Get necessary equipment for your staff

In order to successfully pull off a construction project, it is important to provide your staff with the right tools to carry out the project. Make a list of the tools and equipment you will require while planning out the construction process. Do not forget to include PPE such as hard hats and safety boots in order to ensure the safety of your staff. Depending on the type of construction, other types of PPE such as ear muffs and dust masks may also be needed.

Due to the nature of construction work, usually the whole process may seem to be rushed and you may end up missing out some important aspects that could cause fatal injuries or accidents. In order to avoid extra costs and accidents, use these pointers as a check list and ensure you pull off a safe and quality project.

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