Great Inventions for A Greener Ecofriendly Future

Every year more and more inventions and innovations are made by people who wants to take the leap of initiative to save mother earth. The capacity to invent and innovate has been an innate skill that has been imbedded in our genes so that we could survive with the ever-changing ecological landscape of the present world. Here are some of the amazing and great innovations and inventions that promises a better and greener future.

Urine-Powered Electricity

Many countries in in Europe use such technology when they perceive that their power-generating capability might fall short and that it might lead them to depend on other countries, and so they embrace such new technology that could offset the shortage of electricity by generating electricity from the urine collected in sewages. This idea is so revolutionary since it offers the option on having the people contribute something to generate their own electricity through their own waste. 

Sustainable Streetlights

Many cities today use solar powered streetlights that could counterbalance the cost of electricity that the city pays for those streetlights. By using such technology, streetlights are charged with solar panels and then used the charged-up batteries to light the streets when it became dim.

The good side with this is that the city will not become too dependent on the conventional electricity, thus resources saved can be used by others rather than consume it altogether. You can visit Leadsun one of leading firms to install such technology and maintain such technology in Australia in even in other countries as well.

Automatic Trash Collecting Boat

There is a self-steering boat floating in the Pacific Ocean today collecting tons and tons of garbage in the ocean. This invention will help save the ocean and the animals in it. This boat might not sound that significant as we speak but in the accumulated years along with the accumulation of the trash that it collects, we will someday thank its inventor for it, as it might not save the whole ocean but it certainly makes a difference with every trash it collects and every animal it saves.

Organic Burial Pods

With cemeteries crammed up with dead people one of the problems with modern cities is how they would bury the deceased, and the answer to that is the organic burial pod. This pod is where the ashes of the deceased is placed and then buried with a seed of a tree that will grow from it. Not only is it sustainable but it also gives more meaning to the life of the dead person since through their body a tree will grow and will have life through their burial pods.

To adapt and innovate is one of the main capacities of man that gave us the power to evolve up the ladder towards survival and becoming the apex predators in the whole ecological food chain. Thus, in such innovations mentioned we have to embrace it as it could help us adapt and survive in the future.

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