Household Repairs to Teach Yourself

Not being able to manage your household can be a real bummer, especially if you are now the man of the house and your wife and kids are looking up to you to be the family macho man! You are not expected to take on jobs that are way too complicated, where you might end up causing more damage than was before.

However, those simple fixes that you cannot expect other family members to perform will become mandatory and we will let you in on three such household fixing jobs that you should become good at.

Changing Shower Heads

Whether you live in an apartment or a spacious house, shower heads which seem to have a mind of their own will change from the desired pressure all the time. At times it will feel like a water jet cutter from an industrial factory and at others, like a drizzle that you barely feel. So, when the time comes for you to replace yours with a newer, better version, all you need are a couple of pliers, your tool trolley and the right shower head.

After carefully removing the old unit, clean around the threads of the screw and then wash away all the moisture. Screw in the new unit and try it out. If you notice any water droplets leaking from the closing, remove it again and use some plumber’s tape to seal it some more.

Fixing A Sticky Keyhole

The last thing anyone would want after a long and hard day of slaving away at work is to come back home only to find out that your keyhole is not welcoming your key with open arms. It will take more than just a couple of twists and turns and a whole lot is sweet talking to get that thing to turn and unlock and let you in.

The remedy for this however is ridiculously simple. Powdered Graphite! That’s right, the same stuff used in pencils. Putting some of these inside the keyhole will make it a lot easier the slide your key in and unlock the door without any hassle. A word of advice, be sure to keep that stuff away from your clothes because it will permanently stain them.

Sink Unclogging

Sinks are I clean and there should be no question about it! I mean everything from your hair to soap to chunks of solidified shaving cream get in there and wreak havoc in your plumbing. Of course, if the clog is not too serious, a simple manoeuvre with a sink plunger will help you get whatever is causing the obstruction out with ease.

However, if that’s not working, you will have no option busy to get dirty under the sink. Grab hold of some Channel lock pliers and remove both the U-shaped trap pipe and the pipe that connects the trap pipe to the sink from underneath and clean it thoroughly with an old toothbrush until whatever is stuck inside come out. Fix it back into place and check if it is working properly.

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