How to Find the Right TV Position for Your Living Room?

For the most part for the most of us, it is very difficult to hide technology and therefore we try and integrate it into our technology as much as we possibly can. In the modern-dayhome, a television is something that has become rather ubiquitous and something that we all need. Sometimes, it becomes even a focal point of the living room. However, knowing where you can put the television without it hindering the rest of the d├ęcor in the living room is something that can be tricky. So here are some tips that we feel you should follow.

Find Where the Nearest Power Source Is

One of the first places to get started is by locating the closest power source that you have to the place where you would like the tv. You will also have to make sure that there are enough power supply extras so that if you have something like a Blu Ray player or sound system, you can still get that going too. think about where your windows are how much of a glare from the sunshine that would put on the screen.

Think About Spacing

This is one of the main reasons why we believe that having professional help in this is a great idea. First off it is always a great idea to put this up on eye level so that when you are seated, you will not be seated and straining your neck or your eyes because you have to either look up or look down. Generally, 4 feet off of the ground is a great way to go.

Checkout something like tv mounting Sydney or the likes based on where you live and you will be able to locate plenty of local services that will help you with this. Once that is done, you will also need to multiply the diagonal width of the screen by three so that you can decide the best possible distance for viewing. You may not always be able to execute this to the dot, but it certainly is a great place to get started on.

Now Find A Focal Point

If the focal point of the room is the television itself, place it right in the centre of the seating area. If you do have another focal point in the room such as, say a mantle or a window, make sure that you place this next to that point so that you can still view the television comfortably.

How Can You Hide It?

If in case you do not want the television to be the focal point in the room, you should be also able to conceal it. You can actually place it in a cupboard or even in acloset with doors that can be closed so that it cannot be seen immediately. However, you will need to make sure that there are some space or holes in the back or even drill some yourself so that the cords can actually go through. The cabinet should also be easy to use if you do have kids who will be using this.

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