Reasons Why You Should Hire an Extension Designer-Builder

Extending a house either vertically or horizontally is going to be one of the most beneficial long investments. Not only will you be able to enjoy your property better, but you’d also be able to increase the resale value, amongst many other benefits.

In getting such a job done, you’re going to need a designer and a builder. In this read, we’re going to tell you why it’s better to hire a company with conjoined services; designer-builders.

No Unnecessary Delays Due to Clashes

There are always going to be clashes between the designer and the builder when it comes to house extensions Kew. The delays are only going to drag the process longer and longer. Not to mention, the rebars would start corroding, and the builder company might go unavailable if the conflict wasn’t resolved better. These problems will be absent when you hire one company for designing and building since they all work in harmony.

Absence of Responsibility Passing

Whenever something goes wrong in the construction, the builder would love to blame the design. On the flip side, the designer would love to make himself or herself clean by putting the blame on the builder.

No matter who blamed whom, you’re going to be the one who’s going to be disadvantaged. This responsibility passing doesn’t happen when both operations happen less than one company; they would ensure to own up to whatever happens and fix things then and there.

The Sheer Convenience

would you really want to deal with the nonsense of people from two different companies when you’re paying enough? After all, we all have stressful jobs, and investing in what we want to, shouldn’t have to be so inconvenient.

Thus, it’s only wiser to choose a company from which you can get the extension design done, just as much as the construction.

Lowest Cost for the Structural Consultation

If you were to hire a separate entity for designing, it means that you’re going to hire a separate entity to build as well. Since you wouldn’t want the structure to be defective, you’re going to need a structural engineer on board as well.

Structural engineers are extremely expensive since they have to handle both the designer and the builder. But when the builder and the designer work under one roof, the role of the structural engineer is diluted down, and that decreases the overall expenditure.

More Chances to Lower Unnecessary Expenses

Most designer companies work on fixed rates or at least borderline accurate quotations. But this cannot be forced with different entities. Thus, when your designer is also the builder, the accumulated savings by unnecessary material cost, labor cost, and a lot more will be quite high.


Thus, our conclusion is that it’s always better when your proportion extension designer firm is able to fulfill the constructional works as well. Since there are only a handful of such companies of respectable quality, choosing one wouldn’t be all too hard. Hence, be sure to hire a designer-builder and avoid a number of complications.

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