Things to Remember About Your Garage Door Maintenance

Congratulations! You made the smart choice to convert your garage door into an automatic one or that you purchased a home with one. Now that you are used to the convenience of having an automated one, you need to make sure that you would be using it for a long time. And you could only enjoy your new garage door if you properly maintained it.

Servicing your automatic garage doors should not be done only during the time it is malfunctioning. You should know your garage door inside out so you should know how to retain it from its original appearance and that you could detect even small signs of defects.

You Should Get It Professionally Checked Twice A Year

Door professionals have recommended that you get your automatic garage door professionally serviced twice a year. You should do your own automatic garage door maintenance when it is not yet time for the professional service. At least when you do your own maintenance, your garage door would not be in a sorry state since the professional maintenance service only happens twice a year.

When you did get your garage door serviced, make sure that once of those two times happened during the Fall season. This is imperative so during the winter season, you are sure that the door would still be in tip top shape despite the harsh weather condition. During the spring season, check again your door since the snow that has accumulated in your garage door would have melted by now and you would not want your garage door’s mechanism to be drenched in water.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate

When you do your own preventive maintenance routine, you should not forget to lubricate. Since your automatic garage door works with a mechanism, the parts should be lubricated properly for them to function. Don’t forget to tighten bolts and screws as well because if any of these became loose, it might cause the whole mechanism to malfunction.

Check Your Rollers and Hinges

Aside from the bolts and screws, you also have to check your rollers and hinges. They are important components of your garage door machine and if they failed, you would not be able to properly open and close your garage doors. When the rollers and hinges are stuck, you would not be able to drive your vehicle out of the garage or you might have to settle parking your vehicle along the sidewalk which could not be safe.

When you open and or close your garage door, spend a few minutes of your time checking whether it’s noisy or not because often, a noisy garage door is a sign that something is not quite right. If you notice that your garage door is also asymmetrical and there are parts that are sagging or lopsided, you need to have it serviced as well. Note down all the signs and defects you have noticed so when you call the professional, you’d be able to relay to them all that is wrong with your door.

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