Weighing The Advantages of Buying or Renting a Power Generator

If you are thinking of whether you should buy or rent a power generator, it depends on your answer to the following questions. First, how often would you use the generator? Would it be for certain events only or would it be as a backup source of power? Would you need to haul it across the country, or would it be used permanently in one place only? Do you have a limited budget, or you could spare any expense?

Now that you have an answer to the above-mentioned questions, it would be easier for you to determine which of the advantages of buying or renting a power generator is more appropriate to your needs.

Advantages Of Buying a Power Generator


When you purchase a power generator, you could do as you please with it. You would not need to renew rental agreements and head over to the supplier to pay for it after the set period for renting it. When the time comes that you would not be using it anymore, you also have the option to resell to at least get some of the money back. Just make sure that you purchase a high-quality generator like Aggreko power generators so you would not have a hard time reselling it.

Long term rental costs

One of the reasons why people rent generators is because they don’t have the money yet to pay for the machine. If this is not the case for you, it would be better to purchase one right off the bat since it would be cheaper in the long run instead of paying for rental, especially if you would be using the generator for a long time. If you would compute the months, you would be renting it, the amount might be the same as if you have bought the machine.

Advantages Of Renting a Power Generator

Size flexibility

Power generators come in various sizes and power capacity. For example, you would be needing one for a party for 15-20 people. Since the number of guests is minimal, you would not need a big venue and a large generator to accommodate the lighting, cooling/heating, sound system needs for the event. When you rent a generator, a small one would be enough. And in the event, you would be needing it for 150 guests or more, you have the flexibility to rent a bigger generator with a larger power capacity.

Settings configured

Another advantage to renting a power generator is that the settings are already configured based on your requirement or preference. Sure, when you purchase one you could ask the supplier to configure it out for you. But what if your requirements changed? At least by renting, you could have it changed depending on your need (which would also be the case if you change the size of the generator, you would be renting next).

Both options have their own merit and the choice would be depending on your budget and how frequently you would need the generator.

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